Time To Shine Funding 2016

At the start of January we applied for a grant from the Nurturing Talent – Time To Shine Fund. We put together a package of songwriting workshops and recording to support our school based artists. We got in contact with Louis Abbot and Sarah Hayes from Admiral Fallow and they agreed to come along and run the workshop for us. We were keen to hear about their own experiences of songwriting and help our musicians with their own writing. We wanted to run a session for 3 hours one afternoon and then sent a few artists to the studio to record what they had been working on.

It was a great opportunity for our young musicians and really helped to build their confidence through working with more experienced musicians. They got advice on how to song write and by working with professional musicians, it helped some of our less experienced artists to build on their own work. And by recording their work they gained some studio experience. Everyone was given individual advice and guidance which helped them develop these skills. 

We documented the workshop on our snapchat story and tweeted throughout. The recordings of our 3 artists who went to the studio have been uploaded onto our soundcloud page.

We also had very positive feedback from everyone who took part…

Bellarose: “We thought it was very interesting to explore different approaches to songwriting.”

Clockwire: “It was very interesting and helpful to start writing a song with people who are experienced in doing so. The band enjoyed it very much.”

Cameron Scott: “I can write lyrics better now.”

Eilidh Gray: “I thought the songwriting workshop was very successful, I didn’t know how to approach lyric writing and I learnt some great techniques in how to do so and ended up leaving the workshop with a finished song!”

Hannah Connell: “It was helpful how they gave us different techniques and it really helped with my songwriting. It has inspired me to write more songs.”

K. Murphy: “I think it was great that young people had the opportunity to develop their songwriting skills and record them in a professional environment. They have all got so much from this experience.”

S. McIntosh: “It was a very positive experience for our young people, and gave them a good insight into different approaches to songwriting.”

The Time To Shine fund has inspired us to look for more songwriting workshop opportunities and developing our partnership further with professional musicians. We will encourage those involved to continue composing and share their ideas amongst the group. We have access to basic recording facilities and will aim to record more in the future. We will also support our younger group members to engage the songwriting process and develop their own skills. 

Overall it was a very successful few days and we couldn’t have done it without the Time To Shine Fund or the help from Sarah and Louis. Be sure to follow them on Twitter: @TTSYoutharts, @AdmiralFallow, @SarahHayes.


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