Burnt Out Records On Tour

At the beginning of July some of the team took a trip into Edinburgh to attend the Born To Be Wide: Off The Record event- which was for anyone interested in the music industry. We were joined by  Emma from Cantus Audio who was an avid member of the team last year before she left school, Emma now has put on live sessions with artists which shows what Burnt Out can help people achieve. It was great to be joined by junior members Jasmine, Hannah and Craig, as it will be them helping run the team next year once the last seniors leave school.

It was an early start as we met at 9:15 at the bus stop for the event starting at 10:30! This was a bit of a struggle as it was the first day of summer and we were all up super early. We arrived slightly early and didn’t want to look too keen so we found a park and spent a good 40 minutes being big kids! We made sure to document it on our snapchat story and used the hashtag ‘#borontour’, which is on our YouTube channel for all to enjoy.

We arrived to the event and picked up our passes and loads of great leaflets with information about all the different groups and people, that would be talking throughout the day. The panels were great – loads of really interesting people giving their experiences in the music business and passing on lots of great tips and tricks on how to make your way in the music industry from making and selling your own music to how to put on and promote your own gigs. It was a really great experience for the small team that went out and we learnt a lot that will help us build Burnt Out in the future.

Throughout the day we were given a lot of people’s business cards with all their information and details on them and we decided that would be a great thing for us to do, so we ordered some and received them recently. These will be great for our future gigs as they contain all our social media accounts where you can catch up on everything that we’re doing.

Be sure to pick one up at our next gig!


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