10th Anniversary Extravaganza

2016 has been a sensational year for Burnt Out Records! We had 8 gigs including two fundraising nights where we raised over £700 for Social Bite and Project Trust. We expanded with new artists and team members and have widened our presence.

This year, Burnt Out Records will be turning 10 years old! We are celebrating 10 years of gigging with a three day extravaganza in March.

Mr Keith Murphy- Creator of Burnt Out Records says…

“Burnt Out Records was established in 2007 after the Penicuik High School music department acquired the former Penicuik public library building.  The building was adapted for use and equipped with a recording studio, practice rooms, a stage, PA system and a small lighting system.  It was then decided to initiate a record label project and a number of pupils came forward to be involved.  The pupils came up with the name of the newly formed company, Burnout Records, and designed a logo.  The pupils also named the building ‘The Music Hub’.

Taking the label forward, it was decided that we would sign and record artists from within the school to record music, and using the ‘The Music Hub’ as a venue, giving a means for the pupils to perform and promote their music.

The group then decided to launch the venue, and the jazz singer/songwriter Sophie Bancroft was asked to play at our opening event. School staff, education managers and local businesses were invited along to see what we were doing with the hope of attracting investment.  Two local businesses donated some money to the label which gave us enough equity to allow the duplication of our artists’ CDs. These were sold at our first ‘Artist Launch Night’. Along with ticket sales, this raised enough money to start investing in the infrastructure of the building. The success of these initial gigs then encouraged the group to grow and develop the live side of the business.  It was decided that the venue could be used to host a range of live music events.  We focused on our own artists, artists from other schools, artists from the local community and professional musicians.  The members of the group then adopted different roles, managing director, art, pr, media, tech, etc.  It was also decided that our artists would be the support acts for any professional artists booked. All monies accrued through ticket sales has been invested back into Burnt Out Records. Along side agreeing fees with artists we have funded infrastructure, new lighting, repairs, instruments, technical and recording equipment, as well as charity events.

Since the creation of Burnt Out Records we have attracted a wide and diverse range of artists to perform in our venue and encompassed a wide range of styles: pop, rock, folk, jazz, classical and world. We have attracted artists from as far away as America, and our audience demographic has stretched as far as parts of Europe.

We have signed over 20 acts from the school, many of whom have also recorded in our partner professional recording studio, The Sound Cafe.  We have had media coverage both in local and national newspapers and radio.  Our gigs are well attended and we have attracted over 2500 audience members through the doors since our first gig.

Burnt Out Records has established strong links with local arts organisations, and we have linked in with the Penicuik Arts Festival by hosting gigs.  We have established links with music promoters and managers, negotiated performance fees and sold tickets both online and through the Penicuik Community Library.

Burntout Records prides itself on being driven by pupils and supported by staff and its well established model continues to grow and develop. Here is hoping for another successful 10 years!”

On Thursday the 22nd we are hosting Beth Malcom, an 18 year old singer/songwriter based in Glasgow. Beth has an EP, ‘Better By Noon’, which is an electric mix of soft jazz and folky pop.You can find out more information about Beth here: http://www.bethmalcolm.com/

And you can buy tickets for the gig here:

The second night of our extravaganza will be a former artist night featuring artists from the last 10 years of Burnt Out Records. You can get tickets for this special anniversary show here:

And the finale to our three day event will be Admiral Fallow- Acoustic Trio Show! Admiral Fallow released their debut album ‘Boots Met My Face’ and their second, ‘Tree Bursts In Snow’ just a year later. Their third album ‘Tiny Rewards’ was the result of an 18 month experiment to do something different. You can find out more about them here: http://www.admiralfallow.com/

And you can find tickets for that gig here:


Beth Malcolm
Tickets £6

Former Artist Night
Tickets £5

Admiral Fallow: Acoustic Trio Show
Tickets £8

10 Year Anniversary 3 Day Pass
Tickets £18 & includes a drink voucher
Email us for more info ‘burntoutrecords@gmail.com’






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